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Online quiz + checkout

You may have taken a personality quiz at your doctors office or in school when you were younger. Remember adding up all your scores and trying to look at a gauge after a boring multiple choice test? We wanted to change that by creating an easy to use (anywhere) test that was also a little bit different than all the competitors. We needed to make sure it was fast, discreet and users could start and stop their test whenever they want.


Refine, Simplify and Automate

For payments, we integrated Stripe and Paypal - users can buy as many tests as they want and current users can 'invite' their friends and family also. After integration of the custom, mobile-friendly quiz we built a simple backend where users can see their test results, export PDFs, research anbd also invite users if they want. We also have abandonded cart emails setup that send users discounts to push conversions.


Invest in Your Growth

IF you're starting a new website, or selling online, you'll need simple and cost-effective solution to what seem like complex problems. NPSP25 understood that rebuilding their site out the right way first while adhering to a strict budget would be intense, but in the end I think it was worth it and the NPSP25 project was one of my favorites. Cheers to growth!



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