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Shopify Backend

Shopify was a great choice for them because they needed something cost-effective, easy to manage and built to scale. We chose a free theme and customized it to be clean and fast and to have a simple mobile interface since most of the traffic will be on mobile phones.

Product Photos

The most important thing when selling online is enticing the customer with amazing product photos. They didn't have any, so we used our good camera and did a photoshoot at our office for their product photos. We're not professional photographers, but as you can see, we got the job done and their products look amazing.

Lean and Mean

We had a tight budget and a small timeline to get the site launched, so we worked together in the backend to get the products ready, whether we were polishing products while they were adding descriptions, pricing information or visa versa. We not only made an awesome site but had time to spare before the event.

The Takeaway: I'm Your Guy

We really get a kick out of coming up with solutions online for our customers, whether it's an e-commerce site or a first impression for your business. Your website never closes and is always there when your customers want to connect with you, your business or your product. Be ready!



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