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Custom Backend

We essentially created a custom CRM for them in the backend, complete with membership and subscription management, inventory management and a slew of other time-saving functions. This helped save them time and allowed them to focus on marketing.


We created scripts and logic that automatically charge and generate orders for customers based on their selections - then we integrated the fulfillment centers API to automatically fulfill the orders. Autopilot is awesome.


We integrated not only the fulfillment centers API, but also the PayPal Pro API to handle single and recurring payments. We also created custom abandonded cart emails, promo codes, referral codes, gift certificates and other conversion optimizations.


Needed to automate

No more spreadsheets, digging into databases and trying to juggle managing customers, orders, subscriptions, promo codes, gift certicates AND making sure all the order get fulfilled. We needed to manage everything in one place, and also hook in the fulfillment center so orders would automatically go out to customers, and correctly. These guys have an amazing following and we needed to clean up the order process and 'my account' area for users so they could see and manage their subscriptions easily.


Refine, Simplify and Automate

They had a design already done so we started by developing all their pages into a new custom WordPress theme. We then built out the backend to spefically their workflow - from how they manage what happens when a first order comes in, to how they manage their pricing, promotions and other daily activities. The goal was to essentially automate everything we could that took more than a few minutes a day. Once their fulfillment centers API was hooked in, we had an easy-to-use, autopilot system with minimal interaction. They've saved countless hours and headaches by taking manual processes out of the equation.


Invest in Your Growth

Every minute you can save yourself as a small business daily can impact you in a big way. By saving the RTSC team even just 30 minutes of manual website work a day, at the end of a year they save more than a week of work. In the end RTSC ended up with an awesome new website that they can outgrow as they continue to explode in popularity. Cheers!



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