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Design Refresh

Their old site was great, but styles change and it moves quick. We added just a few simple transition effects and design elements to future proof the site for a few more years, or until trends change again!

Backend Updates

The easier your content management is to navigate, the more time and frustration you save. We added custom fields and modified third party WordPress plugins to work exactly what the client needed - and nothing more. Simplicity always wins.


Save time, save money, everyone wins. We hooked in their event registration into their pages so they didnt have to manually update anything other than their event in the backend. Next is autogenerating PDFs for gift cards.


BrisketU Outgrew It's Website

BrisketU is a very successful business that involves teaching 3-hour barbeque classes to meat lover's all over Texas. Their website did a great job in helping them grow, but their team realized that they needed to streamline and optimize their website and backend to help them effectively save time and scale their core business.

Not only did they want to save time entering, editing and managing events, they needed a way to quickly and more efficiently move users through their registration process with the least amount of friction possible.


Refine, Simplify and Automate

The client decided to rebuild their site from the ground up, so we move them to a beefier WPengine server to manage all instances of their site.

We started by redeveloping all their pages into a new custom WordPress theme and sprucing up their image a bit. Once that was complete, we hooked their site into their event registration system so they never have to manually add an event more than one place. The system knows when classes are full, new classes are posted, and has an easy process for users to register and pay.


Invest in Your Growth

Every minute you can save yourself as a small business daily can impact you in a big way. By saving the BrisketU team ten minutes of manual website work a day, at the end of a year they save TWO AND HALF DAYS of work. That's a vacation! In the end BrisketU ended up with an awesome new website that they can outgrow as they continue to explode in popularity. Cheers!



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