Why Your Site Speed Matters

Your website’s speed is more important to your business than you might think. Everything about your website can be perfect, but if it takes ages to load, your customers will simply move on. Not only does the loading time impact your user’s experience, but it also can affect your bottom line.

Website speed is a game of seconds, and every single millisecond is crucial. 40% of users will leave your website if it loads more than 3 seconds. At Raven Digital, our development work has page speed top-of-mind, and we make sure to optimize all components so our clients don’t lose those precious seconds, or potential customers. If your site ranks well, or you pay for traffic, there’s no point if the user gets frustrated or notices the page load.

Let’s take a closer look at how site speed affects different aspects of your website.

UX (User Experience)

First impressions matter. When a visitor clicks on your website, the first thing they experience is the loading time. If you are greeting your visitors with a website that loads fast, they will appreciate you valuing their time – if you greet visitors with a slow website, even if they are already your customers, they will be hesitant to use it because they know their time is wasted. Users are also less likely to recommend your website if they know it’s slow. 



Search Engines like Google understand that a slow website leads to poor user experience and therefore, there’s no reason to place your website above others, even if your website is designed better. They would rather recommend a website that loads faster, so the users can obtain the information quicker. And even if they want to keep exploring the website, they would much rather prefer doing that on a website that loads fast. If your goal is to place up high in search engine rankings, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t want that, then having a fast website is crucial.  


It is important to note that site speed is something that must be constantly maintained. It is essential to perform constant improvements. 

Our clients benefit from constant iterative updates and improvements. Some of our websites score a perfect 100/100 score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, it reports on the performance of a website both on Mobile and Desktop. As an example, check out Weingarten Art Group’s website and their Google PageSpeed Insights – you can see their website isn’t small and simple, but it still is blazing fast – there are hundreds of variables that go into a fast website and the design of your website and content is just a small portion of that.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, a slow website leads to serious consequences for your business. It starts with the fact that most users will not even wait for the page to fully load up before they leave, it will make them more hesitant to use the website and less likely to recommend it to other people. Search Engines like Google are aware of that and will place you lower on their rankings which will cut down on your website awareness.

At Raven Digital we make website speed a priority for our clients. You no longer have to worry about missing out on potential customers with a slow website. We will optimize and continuously monitor your website to deliver the fastest load time possible. Take advantage of our website optimization experience to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

Get in touch with us and we will make sure your customers receive the best experience possible.