The 6 Key Benefits of Retaining a Freelance Developer

A critical consideration for most businesses will be whether to hire a team in-house marketer or to rely on freelancers for advertising their business and reaching their online goals. Most will go with a combination of the two and modify the approach based on workload. However, these approaches can often be inefficient. Retaining a freelance developer can provide extra flexibility, and also give your business more stability. Below are the key benefits that you can expect when keeping on a freelance developer. 

1. Always on Call

By far, the most important benefit of retaining a freelance developer is that they are always on call (at least I am). This means that sudden increases in workload can be managed effectively. The alternative involves searching for freelancers, which can be time consuming and expensive. Having someone reliable on call at all times means you can be prepared for the spikes in workload that will ultimately help to expand your business. Moreover, it provides your agency with a sense of stability that allows the workload to be managed in a more efficient manner. 

2. Lower Overhead

A full-time development team can be essential for some agencies. However, the majority can save far more money by investing in the retainer model. Rather than needing to pay a full-time salary, they can instead pay for what is required. The retainer model allows an agency to maximize their budget. Keeping a freelance developer on call has far less overhead, and comes with significant cost-savings.

The downsides can appear to be that the freelance developer will be outside of your agency, rather than an integral part of your team. However, with the retainer model, it will feel like they are basically a core member. Most agencies don’t need full-time development all year round. Therefore, a model that provides flexibility alongside stability is highly beneficial. 

3. Fewer Considerations Means Fewer Headaches

Agencies tend to fail when they have too many things to focus on. A lean business can soon overcomplicate itself when it starts to grow. A full-time developer requires many considerations, including specialist equipment, insurance, and periods of downtime. All of these factors have to be weighed in when hiring a developer. Equipment can be expensive to purchase and maintain. The mere process of employing someone full-time can have many implications for a small agency.

The benefit of retaining a freelance developer is that the majority of these considerations vanish. They don’t require equipment, insurance, or holidays. But, you still get the same professional dev services that you would from a full-time hire. Retaining a freelance developer removes some of the headaches of running an agency, and means you can entirely focus on what your business is best at. 

4. Fast Turnaround Times

Every agency will be able to recall a situation where they experienced panic because of orders piling up. Industries run on tight deadlines, which means you need swift turnarounds. The hiring process for freelance developers can be costly both in terms of monetary fees, and time required for vetting.

Additionally, they will need some time to get acclimated to your agency and the way you work. By retaining a freelance developer, you can skip this entire process. You already have someone ready on call, that knows your agency, and knows the standard of work required. They can complete the work quickly to ensure that fast deadlines are met. This can help drive up efficiency, and help you to achieve stable growth. 

5. Use Them Only When Needed

A full-time development team does have certain advantages. For some agencies, this model can be preferable. However, during inevitable downtimes, there can be a lack of work. This results in needing to pay a full-time salary to employees who may not be fully utilized.

The advantage of the retainer model is that they work with the specific demands of your business. This means you can make the best use out of the developer during peak times without needing to pay them a full-time salary for the off-season. This flexible model suits most agencies. 

6. Navigate the Digital Landscape

The digital landscape is continually evolving and changing. There are many things that your business would need to keep up with. However, by focusing too much on technology and marketing, you can hinder the core goal of your business. By retaining a freelance developer, you have someone that intimately knows your business, but also someone that closely understands the digital landscape.

They can provide specific recommendations, and help to ensure that your business remains updated with the latest trends. The presence of a web-guy enables you to navigate this tricky landscape with ease. They are always on call when needed to help with a range of queries. Their fresh pairs of eyes can also provide new perspectives that your full-time employees may miss. You can see here how a web-guy can implement simple automations that make a huge difference. 

Closing Thoughts

If a business wants to survive, it must be efficient. Hiring a full-time dev team, or a team of freelancers can lead to unnecessary costs that are avoidable. The approach of retaining a freelance developer gives you all of the benefits of a full-time team member with none of the overhead. You get the benefits of a professional who is always on-call to take care of your digital needs. The fact that you can use them as needed gives an agency the flexibility and room to maneuver into new territory. Schedule a call, and we can discuss how your business would benefit from retaining a web-guy.